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A beautiful village in Jaunpur, India

Munshipur is a beautiful village in Jaunpur. Jaunpur is a district of Indian state Uttar Pradesh. The village is known for its village life, culture, farming, and a large number of festivals. In this article, we will know the geographical location of Munshipur, history, people's life & their culture, agriculture & farming, social life, education, population, and various other points. So let's know all about Munshipur in detail.

Munshipur Village

Munshipur is a culturally rich village. In the village, there are more than 120+ houses in which more than 1200+ respondent lives. The foundation of the village is older than the independence of the Republic of India. In the village people lives a simple and stress-free life, they have large numbers of festivals. Nowadays in cities, people are mad about the money and lifestyle that cause huge stress and unsatisfaction but at the same place in the village people live together, people have time to communicate with each other, people celebrate festivals and other occasional parties together. if you are in the village then you will never feel alone. In the village picture, the villagers are participating in the worship of Lord Shiva

Religion, Culture & Festivals

Munshipur is a Hindu village, the people of the village follow the Hindu religion. There is only one Muslim house in the village and they also live with other Hindu villagers with happiness. People used to pray for Lord Shiva, Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, Devi Durga, Laxmi, Kali, and many more.

Holi, Dewali, Dashahara, Raksha Bandhan, Nag Panchami, Makar Sankranti, Navratri are major festivals widely celebrated every year in Munshipur. These festivals are really amazing, people celebrate these festivals together. In the below picture people are going for the Durga murti visarjan at the end of Navratri festival.


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