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Why No CBI For Sushant Singh Rajput

Why CBI is necessary in Sushant Singh Rajput case

It's been more than 45+ days of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, but still, most of the people don't know what happened with him. Everyone wants to know what happened to him, did he committed suicide? or a well-scripted pre-planned murder? we exactly don't know? Every day there is different narratives are built about the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, sometimes tried to prove that he was in depression, sometimes nepotism, sometimes relationship problem, and sometimes some people tried to build narratives that he was weak. Why are these kinds of different - different narratives? Who is trying to build such kind of narratives and why? If no one is involved in some kind of unfair things then why these kinds of narratives are being built.

Why some people try to make it a suicide case

People who are working in Bollywood have a lot of script in their mind but they often forget that what they do, what they show! it's totally imaginary, they think that common people trust in their movie scripts so they will also trust in their narratives but they don't know they live in imaginary world and rest of people lives in the real world, and in reality, people watch movies only for timepass and they think people trust in their scripts! Foolish

If you are not involved in any unfair thing in such a case then definitely you will want to know what happened with him and why he committed suicide but at the place of this, some people are trying to build some different narratives. Now the question is if you haven't done wrong anything then why you are trying to build different - different narratives why don't they want to know that happened with him like a common person wants to know.

Why bad politics and bad police games

India is a democratic country, everyone has the right to ask the question if you are not satisfied with anything, and politicians and police are responsible to give the answer to questions that they asked by the public.

In this case, some top-level Bollywood personalities are suspected, a common person can see what police are doing, well we know Maharashtra police have a great track record but in case of Bollywood they are totally failed, they have the worst track records. They have never resolved any case that happened in Bollywood in the past. In each case that happened in Bollywood, everyone knows who was behind that, even a common person knows, police knows but the result of the investigation always comes different. Why is this?

Why Maharashtra government and police don't want CBI

Everyone has the right to enjoy his life, a policeman also has the right to enjoy his life but when you are in a police uniform then you get more responsibility rather than personal life rights.

We often see, police officers and politicians to attending parties in Bollywood, Police officers have a good relationship with politicians and Bollywood personalities. Now the points which come to a common person mind are

  1. If you have a good personal relationship with someone then how you will allow CBI against them.
  2. Politicians are also doing parties with suspects then how can they allow CBI against them.

What common public wants

According to my personal experience, I have talked a lot of people, in this case, they all want CBI because they say the same things as I mention the points above about Maharashtra government and police so everyone wants CBI.

What do you think, write your opinion, do you want CBI, if yes then why and if no then why? 


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Yeah, what is CBI?

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