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Ankush Organic Farm

Ankush Organic Farm: Organic Vegetables Farm, Munshipur, Mariahu, Jaunpur

Ankush Organic Farm is an organic agriculture farm where vegetables are grown by modern organic technic. The farm supplies its organic vegetables to various surrounding local markets like Itaye Bazar, Mariahu, Nonari Mandi. The farm also works on a contract basis farming, Ankush Organic Farm is connected with various supermarkets and the internet market. The nearby consumers also directly visit the farm on the daily basis and they buy fresh vegetables direct from the field from their own hands. Let's see the full details about Ankush Organic Farm such as types of vegetables, location, and contact information, etc.

Vegetable Types and Crops

Ankush Organic Farm grows many types of organic vegetables and crops by modern organic technology. The farms test all products regular basis to ensure the quality of their produce. The farm grows vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, tomato, beetroot, brussel sprouts, peas, radish, cabbage, chili, coriander, palak, etc.

Ankush Organic Farm also produces organic crops like wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, mustard, etc. There are many more crops that are grown in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the farm grows all those crops using modern organic farming techniques.

Ankush Organic Farm Contact Details

If you are a supermarket, agro product dealer, shopkeeper, etc., and want contact to the farm for organic vegetables and crops then you can follow the below details or you can directly visit the farm using the below google maps.

Contact Number: +91 8172967749

Email: ankush027singh@gmail.com

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